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An Overview on Vaping

If you do not know what a vape is, you can describe it as an electronic cigarette. It can also be described by its functional name – personal vaporizer. It is no surprise that modern vape users prefer not to describe them as electronic cigarettes. They base their argument on their distinction on the make that has evolved to something entirely different from the electronic cigarette. Regardless, vapes work with e-juices based on vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. They can even arrive in sweet tastes. For instance, in some products, this bazooka ejuice taste just like the real gum. All flavors are rich in nicotine. The invention of the electric cigarette can be dated to the 60s. The industrial models in use today originally came from an outstanding Chinese pharmacist. The patent was then sold to a tobacco company. There is no precise reason why he made the sale, however, some argue that it was a good move for the industry. This way the tobacco sector could gradually transition to fewer risk products. Available today are several vaping designs and styles. The best brands can be easily identified from the pack.


vape colorsWhat is Contained in a Vape?

For many years now, vaping exists. Many have asked what is contained in a vape. Does it contain tobacco? Are there any other harmful chemicals within? In many media outlets, vaping is promoted as a harmful activity. Do not be quick to digest any adverse information about vape without taking time to authenticate the claim. Here are the facts about vaping.


Why Vapors Inhale?

A vape comprises of the metal component, electronic and glass. Sometimes it looks obvious when vapers inhale it, but the trouble arises from vaping itself. Within the e-cigarette is the atomizer – probably the most important component. Most are made from safe plastic, glass or stainless steel. You do not have to worry about any of these substances shading off chemicals that will then dissolve into the liquid. The wicks are based on unbleached cotton which is safe. Contrary to doomsday articles that complain of dangerous battery fumes finding their way into the vapers lungs, the activity is very safe. On firing the e-cigarette, the liquid turns into vapor, which is what you inhale.


person vapingWhat is in the Liquid?

The liquids in the vaping tank have interesting names. To a first timer, they might sound scary, but that is just a name. The chemicals within the liquids are perfectly safe. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are what make up the main ingredients in e-juice. Glycerin is still the main ingredient in nitroglycerine. The chemical is unstable and prone to explosion. Anyone familiar with engines might try to relate this to glycol that is used for antifreeze. Among the areas, we can find glycerin are dynamite, gelignite, and several other explosives. The food sector uses it as a sweetener. So, none of these scary names mentioned are harmful or explosive. The downside to vegetable glycerin is its thick form. Some atomizers will find it difficult to function if it has not undergone dilution. This where PG comes into focus. As a common chemical and food additive, it helps keep all products moist. PG can also be found in toothpaste, medicine and skin care products.