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Amazing Benefits of Drinking Beer

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Beer refers to an alcoholic beverage that is commonly used as a recreational drink. It is typically brewed from the cereal grains like barley which makes it have nutritional benefits. In most areas in the world, people take a beer after taking their meals.

Regarding popularity, it is the third most popular drink after water and tea. Beer can be directly purchased from the shop or can be brewed from home.

Nutritional value

nutritional valueThe consumption of alcohol has elicited a sharp divide in opinion among many groups especially the religious organizations. Whereas other groups encourage their followers not to take this drink, some encourage their followers to drink beer. When you are drinking a beer, you should know that it has a higher content of vitamin B and protein as compared to wine.

The antioxidant content of beer and wine are however the same. One of the primary components of brewing beer is called hops which are a rich source of flavonoids. It is also rich in certain minerals that play critical roles in different metabolic activities. Let us explore some of the benefits of drinking beer:

Prevents cancer

Xanthohumol which is a flavonoid compound and present in the hops is typically used to brew beer. This compound has been found to play an active role in the chemoprevention of different types of cancer like the prostate cancer.

Due to the grains that are used during the fermentation process, beer is also a good source of the polyphenols. Just like the red wine beer that has been brewed correctly has been found to be useful in the fighting of cancer.

Protects the heart

The beer has vitamin B6 which helps in protecting against the cardiovascular diseases; Vitamin B6 prevents the build-up of a compound that is referred to as the homocysteine. This compound has a thinning effect on the blood and therefore, prevents the clots from forming.

When the clots are formed, they cause blockages in the coronary arteries. The moderate consumption of alcohol will also reduce the risk of inflammation.

Improves digestion

improves digestion The drinking of alcohol is also recommended for the stomach’s sake. Different research has shown that beer possesses different digestive properties that aid in the entire digestion process. Beer helps in enhancing the pancreatic enzymes, cholecystokinin, gastric acid, and the stimulation of gastrin.

How to Lose Weight

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Millions of people are struggling with weight loss today. Yes, men and women want to lose weight, but it won’t go. You will meet women crying how they tried to shed baby fat in vain. Men with pot bellies want them gone but still nothing. What results to excess fat in the body? The foods we eat. Some people term it as hereditary, but this is not true. Your body is a full reflection your diet. The food we eat is supposed to give us energy. The remains after the body get energy is stored as fat. Excess fat is what makes us fat. This article will give you three simple steps to help you lose weight. Read on:

Eat healthy

foodAs mentioned above, we are what we eat. If you are the type that loves junk, processed foods, fatty foods, then there is no way you are going to remain fit. Your meals should include low calories. After the food you eat gets digested and the body uses the energy it requires, there should be less of calories to store. If you have excess calories, you will end up accumulating a lot of fat. Increase your intake of vegetables, white meat, the likes of fish, chicken, mutton, etc., reducing the intake of junk, sugars and fatty foods. Your meal must always contain proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins in the right ratios. Drink a lot of water as well. Water helps in digestion and respiration. You sweat some fats and dirt in the body is emitted. Health specialist recommends eight glasses of water every day. Have noticed that after taking a lot of water, you tend to feel full, hence you will not eat as much. The portions in your plate determine your weight as well.


Get active. This is the only way to burn the excess calories in the body. Unfortunately, technology has made people lazy. Not just lazy but very lazy. With cars, people never walk, with the elevators and lifts people never take the stair, at work they are sited all day long. What do we expect, fat beings? If you want to keep a healthy body, be active. You can decide to be walking to work if it is not far, take the stairs, and dance while cooking and much more. Many people argue that they are too busy to get to the gym not knowing that you can create a gym anywhere anytime.

Maintain your body

exerciseAfter losing weight, you have to maintain the attained body. Weight loss is a lifetime journey; you never back out. You relax for just a month, and all the weight lost is gained back. Maintain a healthy body by eating healthy and exercising all the days of your life.…