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Someone is wondering, a lawyer? Yes, you might find yourself in need of a lawyer at some point in your life. If you have never used the services of a lawyer, then this article will guide you on how to select a lawyer when need be. But there is one thing you should understand; you are not supposed to start looking for a lawyer when you need them in the next one hour. Search as early as possible and keep their contacts with you. When trouble occurs to you, a call will be the only thing you need to get help. Read on to get tips on how to select a lawyer.


lawyersBefore any further discussions, seek to know if they are qualified as lawyers. They must have gone through a known law school in your area and attained the needed grades. Beware of quacks who have fake certificates. To confirm any doubts, you can search online for the list provided by the government of qualified lawyers, if their name is missing, something fishy is cooking, run for your life.


Have they been practicing after graduation? As it is always said, experience is the best teacher. I would never advise you choose a newbie as your lawyer. They should be given a chance, yes, but not to handle the whole matter alone. They can work under a law firm as assistants but not be given the whole case to handle. If possible only go for a lawyer with more than five years of experience. Within the five years, they should have dealt with enough cases to give them the confidence to defend you in court.

Have they been winning?

It is not only about the number of years in the firm but performance. A lawyer is chosen to make you win the case. So, how many cases have they won so far? This is the only thing that assures you of winning the case. If it has been losing and losing, there is no need of paying them to lose; you need a winning team.


lawyersLawyers are in two types, the general lawyers, and specialized lawyers. General lawyers will stand in court to represent almost everything while personal lawyers will only deal with specific cases. Specific lawyers are more expensive to hire. Depending on your case, decide if to choose a specialized or general lawyer. It all depends on the seriousness of the case and how much you have to spend on it.