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Business Class Travel


Business-class is a class of travel that can found in almost all commercial air and rail lines or even public buses. They are usually by a brand name, which varies with the airline company or rail company one chooses. Business-class is typically special and unique from other classes of travel by the quality of seats, additional services, and amenities, food, and drinks.


Benefits of Business Class

There are some benefits that one will enjoy by traveling on a business class flight, such as the Finnair Business class. The benefits include the following;

  1.     One gets to travel in top quality planes such as the Airbus and the Embraer.
  2.     One is allowed to have checked baggage of 2-3 pieces maximum with a weight not exceeding 32 kilograms.
  3.     The carry-on-baggage allowed is one bag and a personal item with a maximum weight of 10 kilograms.
  4.     Business-class tickets are complimented with meals and wines.
  5.     Business-class tickets offer priority check-in, priority security, and priority boarding on the flights.
  6.     They also offer access to a complimentary lounge.
  7.     It comes with seats that are full-flat business class.
  8.     They offer an extensive entertainment system that is exclusive to each passenger. It also comes with on-board internet access. Types of Baggage on Business Class Flights.


The following are some of the types of baggage that one can carry on business class flights;


Checked baggage

This is the baggage that one is entitled to carry free of charge. It should be at least one piece of baggage.


Carry-On Baggage

This is the type of baggage that one is allowed to travel with on hand. It mainly contains the necessary items that one may need to make the flight smooth for the individual and other passengers.


suitcaseExtra Bags

This is for passengers who may wish to travel with more bags than what has been included in the allowance of checked baggage. An extra charge is usually applied to each bag, and online payment is recommended since it is cheaper.


Special Baggage

This type of baggage includes musical instruments, equipment for sports, or any other special baggage. It can be part of the normal allowance for baggage or additional charges depending on the size.

Business-class travel mainly deals with the notion that time is money. It is always aimed at making business flights more flexible, enjoyable, and very efficient.…