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Choosing the Right Bag for Your Body Type

lady holding a leather bag

One of the decisions that women have to make is the selection of the right bag. We have different types of bags for separate occasions. The Prada bags are becoming the popular choice amongst many women.

Being informed is one of the ways that will go a long way in helping you to select the right bag. This article looks at the best tips to consider when you are choosing the right bag based on your body type.

Tall and Thin

lady holding two small purses Many women across the world especially those that are under the age of 45 years are usually tall and thin. If this is your body shape, then the right handbag to select is the one with a slouchy and short shape.

It is always recommended for such individuals to go for the handbags that are wider because of their height. A clutch bag, for instance, will be an excellent alternative for such kind of individuals.


We also have quite a considerable number of ladies whose size is referred to as petite. One of the pro-bono pieces of advice that you will get when you watch movies is that the oversized bags are not ideal for such kind of women.

This is because petite ladies who carry oversized bags are typically overwhelmed by their frame. Ladies who are petite should avoid shoulder bags that have the long strap as they will weight them down thus making them shorter.


This is also a typical body type with the ladies. For many men, it is that you are either petite or plus-size. As a lady who is plus-size, you should make the right selection as far as the right shoulder bag is concerned. Such ladies should look for a bag that is primarily structured as this kind of bag will easily balance out the curves.

The plus ladies should not carry around smaller bags because it will make them look even larger. If you are of such body type and you love the bags that are patterned, avoid the bag that has lots of small patterns.


lady with a red bag Last but not least, we have the shoulder bags for all the individuals. When purchasing the right bag, look at the various factors like the price, durability, and the material from which it has been made out of.

If you need to use the bag regularly, then look for a bag that is made out of a durable material. The straps just like the other parts of the bag should be strong enough. Avoid overstocking your bad with different items.